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Len Capelli 

 GoMax Tournament Coordinator

Len, the Director of Business Development for KNS Technologies, will also be your Tournament Coordinator for GoMax. In this capacity, Len will work with the organizers to insure that you can take advantage of the many features that GoMax offers to improve the overall experience for the players, make the job of the organizers easier, and insure that the tournament will raise more money by attracting new sponsors and giving them real value for their donation. Len first became involved with tournament golf as a caddy, at Western Golf and Country Club near Detroit, Michigan while still in high school. Through the years he has played in many annual charity and fund raising golf events. Len has also been the chair or co-chair of 6 fund raising tournaments. Two of which set a new record at the time for money raised. Len understands what the players want, the hard work invested by the organizers and volunteers and that providing real value to sponsors will bring them back to support your cause year after year. While Len will be working with you to help stage your most fun and most profitable tournament ever, rest assured that the entire KNS team will be standing by to support you if required.





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Name:   Len Capelli
Contact Email:  contact@go-max.net

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